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        Address::Puyi indstrial,Oubel Town ,Yongjia County ,Wenzhou City ,Zhejiang Province
        Tel:+86-577-2187 8008
        Fax:+86-577-2187 8009

        ABOUT US

        Shentong Valve Wenzhou Co., Ltd was founded in 2001 ,which is committed to provide high-qualified valves and good service. Through ten years of innovation management, the ST valve already have sufficient experiences in producing large diameter valves. we have professional technology and inspection department equipped with complete CAD; ST valve own strong manufacture capacity, we have two workshops, one in Wenzhou city and anthor in Lishui city, we also have two trading companys, both in Shanghai and Wenzhou, including with more than 150 members of cooperative enterprises.

        Shentong Valve Wenzhou Co., Ltd company is professional in producing power station valve, gate/globe/check valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, control valve, forged steel valves, stainless steel valves and so on.ST valve is able to produce special valves, such as power station valve, Oil and gas valve, metal seated valve, large diameter gas liquid fast closing butterfly valve etc., our products is suitable for used in many kinds of complex working conditions, like high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.



        Quality promise

        1、Strictly manufacture in accordance with the standards
        2、Raw material with qualified chemical composition and mechanical properties.
        3、Stricly control un-qualified parts not used for assemble and can't leave factory.

        Sale serive promise

        1、Quick response around 24 hours.
        2、Product warranty is lifetime and free repair for one year
        3、Free installation guide


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